It’s all About the -Period- Details!

Posted on December 13, 2013 · Posted in We love our work!

Spent some time in Chicago, last year, refinishing and re-facading a fireplace in a period Craftsman home on the Historic Registry, outside of Chicago, IL. What a blast! Was able to order in some lovely hand-fired ginkgo leaf tiles from Earth Song Tiles (; awesome to work with Shannon and John again – they are amazing and what gifted artisans! Truly! (Wish we were independently wealthy and could purchase one of just about everything they sell!)

Anyway, the family in Chicago has commissioned Keith to, essentially, recreate the period mantel of the fireplace he’d completed for a fireplace on another level that does *not* have so lovely a mantel (*shudder* Read: Has no place in a period Craftsman home!). Keith took the measurements last week, and will begin the process of hand-crafting, carving, planing, and sculpting some of our GOR-G-US stock of quarter-sawn oak (in keeping with the Gustov Stickly philosophy, of course!) to fashion a mantel for this other fireplace.

Is that exciting, or what?! There are fewer things better than working with wood, feeling its life beneath your hands, shaping and sanding it, polishing it into satin-smooth perfection, and seeing the vision in your mind take shape. What a thrill!

Here are some pics of the fireplace that was completed; we’ll post some of the new mantel, as the process continues! Stay tuned!


fireplace-ginko leaf