Only in a Small Town!

Posted on December 13, 2013 · Posted in We love our community!

Maybe we’ve mentioned how we *love* The Merchant General Store, downtown ( If we haven’t, let me mention it again – we *LOVE* the General Store! So, Keith took our daughter and her friend to go to the archery range, yesterday, only to find it closed. As a “consolation prize,” they swung by the General Store for ice cream (yeah, the kids were really broken up about it! *grin*).

Anyway, Keith got into a nice, long chat with Darren about the possibility of selling some of his hand-crafted furniture, crafts, and other items, some of them from reclaimed barn boards, etc., at the Store. Darren was completely on-board with that idea.  We are really excited about having a local establishment where we can showcase some of our work!  So cool, so cool!

Might be a few weeks before we get anything ready to send over there (‘cuz we have nothing else going on this time of year, right?! *shaking head*), but keep an eye out for our stuff when you swing by (we also will make any pieces you’d like to order, custom-built to fit your space, so please keep that in mind!).

Next stop? Stockman’s, in Osseo! We’ll keep you posted!